BLACKPINK’s influence is no less than BTS

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Black Pink, a girl group representing K-pop, celebrated its 5th anniversary. The members gathered from different places such as New Zealand, and Thailand grew into idols representing Hallyu after about five years of the trainee.

On the evening of the 4th, ‘Blackpink The Movie’ was screened at the Screen X Hall of the CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Seoul, showing BLACKPINK’s quick run until the 5th year of their debut. The three screens surrounding both walls gave a sense of presence as if you were in a concert hall rather than a theater.

The movie contains an honest interview with the four members of Black Pink (Jisoo, Jenny, Rosé, and Lisa) looking back on the past and present.

In particular, the live performance of BLACKPINK’s world tour ‘IN YOUR AREA,’ which started in 2018, and the stage video of ‘THE SHOW,’ an online concert held in January, were also realistically drawn. In addition, he expressed his affection and gratitude towards Blink (Blackpink fandom).

The members said that they felt that a message of harmony could come out in different languages ​​as the four colors and personalities met through Blackpink. They promised that they could meet again soon and get along even if they went through unexpected ordeals due to the virus.

Blink also responded to Blackpink’s message. They all expressed their gratitude, saying they feel hope in their songs while asking for good health. Although the language, skin color, and culture were all different, at least in the video, BLACKPINK and BLINK were tied together.

‘Blackpink The Movie’ will be released in more than 100 countries worldwide, starting with CGV in Korea. According to the Korean Film Council’s integrated computer network, ‘Blackpink The Movie’ entered 7th place at the box office by attracting 4,500 domestic audiences despite its opening on the first day.

Blackpink followers… YouTube 64 million, Instagram 230 million

If so, how big is Blackpink’s influence?

According to the reporter’s later story, it was July 2017. It was when the reporter went on a trip to Barcelona, ​​Spain. In the scorching heat of over 40 degrees Celsius, a familiar song in the middle of Port Bell stimulated my ears. The song’s identity flowing from the other side of the world was Blackpink’s ‘As If It’s Your Last,’ which was released less than a week ago.

Four young Spanish men and women in their 20s were filming a cover dance video posted on YouTube to the music. Seeing those passionately dancing to K-pop despite the scorching sun, the reporter once again felt proud of being Korean.

Blackpink has established itself as a star that is too big to be confined to the border of Hallyu like this.

First, Blackpink’s official YouTube channel subscribers stand at 63.6 million, ranking second among artists worldwide. On the 22nd of last month, the music video for Blackpink’s ‘Ice Cream’ reached 600 million views on YouTube and was registered as the 10th ‘600 million views’ video in total. This is the highest record for a K-pop girl group.

‘Ice Cream’ was ranked 13th on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at the time of its release and also broke the top ranking of a K-pop girl group. It also entered the Billboard ‘Hot 100’ chart for eight weeks in a row. It was an achievement achieved only through music and music videos during the corona pandemic.

In addition, BLACKPINK’s billion-view videos total 29 episodes, including ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU with 1.6 billion views and ‘Kill This Love’ with 1.3 billion views. Through this, it was confirmed that the total number of views on YouTube reached about 17 billion.

Blackpink’s Instagram followers also exceed 230 million (Lisa 56.6 million, Jenny 48.8 million, Jisoo 43.9 million, Rosé 43.9 million, Blackpink official account 39.8 million). This number exceeds the number of followers of pop star Beyonce of 195 million.

Blackpink syndrome… 65 billion won on the world tour.

Thanks to BLACKPINK’s popularity, the number of pop stars sending love calls is also increasing.

Until now, BLACKPINK has worked with leading artists such as Lady Gaga’s ‘Sour Candy,’ Selena Gomez’s ‘Ice Cream,’ Cardi B’s ‘Bet You Wanna,’ and Duarifa’s ‘Kiss and Makeup.’

BLACKPINK’s first full-length album, ‘THE ALBUM,’ sold 110,000 copies in the US alone and entered #2 on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart.

BLACKPINK’s world tour ‘IN YOUR AREA’ held 36 performances in 26 cities in 17 countries, starting with Seoul. Through this, about 470,000 spectators were mobilized, and a profit of 57 million dollars (about 65 billion won) was generated.

In January, the online concert ‘THE SHOW’ was held, and 280,000 fans watched it simultaneously, achieving over 10 billion won in sales.

This is why ‘Blackpink The Movie’ was able to be released in over 100 countries worldwide.

Chanel, Celine, Bvlgari, etc.… Luxury brands are also accepted.

Some say that if you go to the first floor of a department store, you will feel as if you are in the Blackpink exhibition hall. All four members have been selected as luxury cosmetics models and are decorating the show windows of department stores.

Blackpink Jennie is working as a model for Amorepacific’s luxury brand Hera. Jisoo was selected as an ambassador for Dior, a French luxury brand.

Lisa is active as a global ambassador for makeup brand MAC (M A-C), and Rosé is gaining popularity as a Yves Saint Laurent Beauty model. Because of this, cosmetics called by member names such as ‘Jenny Lipstick’ and ‘Dior Index Cushion’ were born.

BLACKPINK is also active as the face of more than 30 brands in various fields such as Pepsi, UN, Adidas, H&M, Starbucks, Battlegrounds, and overseas luxury brands such as Chanel, Cartier Celine, and Bulgari.

An industry official said, “Blackpink’s popularity is overwhelmingly overwhelming in new southern countries such as Thailand and Malaysia.”

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