MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and Jooheon were selected as DJs for ‘Idol Radio Season 2.’

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Monsta X’s Hyungwon and Jooheon were selected as DJs for MBC Radio’s idol program ‘Idol Radio Season 2’. Their success can be found in the next MBC radio and NC (NC) application universe.

Five days MBC radio and a global K-Pop (K-POP) entertainment platform universe (UNIVERSE) is “Radio Idol Season 2 ‘DJ made the official announcement of Monster X dwaetdago Hyeon won and luncheon to the nakjeom. It comes nine days before the first broadcast today.

At 8 pm, to commemorate the selection of a DJ, the ‘Idol Radio Season 2’ DJ Report Ceremony will be broadcast live in the prequel format on the NC Universe app. Have to classified as current close contacts who on behalf of the Hyeon won being isolated the first broadcast on the 5th and the 9th prequel is scheduled to proceed luncheon alone.

“Radio Idol Season 2 crew Hyeon won and state referred to as” one people “self’s” among fans We expect a great heonui Chemie “he,” “said. will do its best to ensure that the second season, broadcast of the idol, an idol for idol by over Hyeon won and juheon agency Starship Entertainment’s” radio idol season 2 There will be a DJ along with efforts to honor, “he said,” be a DJ who is responsible for energy and the laughter of the audience who, “said the testimony. “

Radio idol season 2 ‘each week month, Thursday afternoon after nine days. It will be broadcast exclusively through the NC Universe app from 8 pm. On the radio, it is published through two channels, MBC Radio and MBC FM4U. It is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 2 am on MBC Radio (95.9 MHz in Seoul and Gyeonggi region) and every Saturday and Sunday at midnight on MBC FM4U (91.9 MHz in Seoul and Gyeonggi region).

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