Kangta Sunmi NCT Ive. The ‘K-Pop Generation’ main poster was released.

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“The real K-pop story that no one has ever told. “

The poster contains a variety of images of K-pop artists from the 1st to 4th generations who have conquered the world beyond Korea.

Writer Noh Sang-ho, who was in charge of producing the poster, said, “I wanted to express a world full of vitality and unpredictability as well as full of the pleasant feeling of K-pop.”

Teabing documentary series ‘K-Pop Generation’ is a K-Pop documentary that adds archiving and dramatization. It is a work that contains content that looks at K-pop from various perspectives, such as fandom, generation, media, gender, and industry.

Kangta from ‘HOT,’ Leeteuk from ‘Super Junior,’ Sunmi from ‘Wonder Girls,’ Minho from ‘SHINee,’ 2 PM, Highlight, Suho from ‘EXO’, Hwasa from ‘MAMAMOO,’ Doyoung from ‘NCT’, Stray Kids, TXT, Alexa, Enhyphen, Ive, Le Seraphim, etc. appear and tell honest stories.

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