B.B.G, the first K-pop group to appear on ‘Grammy Global Spin Stage’

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Girl group B.B.G appeared on the stage of the Grammy Global Spin.

It is the first time for a K-pop group to stand on this stage.

The Grammy Global Spin is a performance held by the Grammys to promote various music and artists. BBBG performed their debut song, ‘Bob Rice’ with the Dongdaemun DDP as the background.

In particular, he appeared wearing a modern reinterpretation of the hanbok, which drew attention, and he said he wore it to promote the hanbok.

As Korean singers, B, Seori and I have performed on this stage before, but as a group, B.B.G is the first.

B.B.G, which signed a contract with a famous local label in the United States, plans to launch full-scale activities in the United States starting with this stage.

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