NC, K-pop platform ‘Universe’ surpasses 21 million downloads Overseas users 89%

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NCsoft’s K-pop entertainment platform ‘Universe’ announced on the 7th that it had achieved 21 million global downloads within one year of its release. Overseas users account for 89%.

NCsoft unveiled its achievements over the past year to commemorate the first anniversary of the launch of the global fandom platform UNIVERSE.

The Universe is a service that allows you to enjoy online and offline fandom activities on mobile. It combines IT technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) voice synthesis, motion capture, and character scan with entertainment content.

Universe surpassed 21 million downloads globally within a year after its release in January last year. While serving 233 countries worldwide, including Korea, the United States, Japan, and Indonesia, the proportion of overseas users was 89%.

There are 6288 original contents such as entertainment shows, pictorials, and sound sources that Universe has released over the past year. The total cumulative number of views is 24 million.

In addition, for communication between artists and fans, 34 online and offline events such as fan meetings and showcases that can be attended non-face-to-face were held, and the online live joint concert ‘UNI-KON’ was held last year was held in 164 countries. 2.6 million people participated.

NCsoft said, “This year, we will release a ‘web version’ where users can enjoy various contents on a large screen. I plan to do it,” he said.

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