Boy group Megamax held a debut showcase.

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A new male idol, MEGA MAX, which is about to debut, will hold a press showcase on the 5th floor of the Eliena Hotel located at Hakdong Station at 2 pm on August 25th.

The debut mini-album prepared by Megamax, consisting of ‘Rohan, Woojoo, Hael, Aiden, Khan, and Jaehoon,’ is ready with a total of 10 tracks is an album like a comprehensive gift set that contains their colorful music and charms for each member.

Preparing a showcase to commemorate the release of the first mini-album title song ‘Painted ÷ LOVE:),’ Megamax is planning to present a stage with refreshing charm and healing tones, as well as softness and choreography. The album is being worked on by ‘Bullseye,’ ‘Aiming Music,’ and ‘Elephant Train,’ who are at the forefront of K-Pop production, and it draws attention by enhancing the album’s perfection.

‘Painted ÷ LOVE:).’ is a MEDIUM POP song that expresses a strong love that is not easily forgotten. In addition, it is released in Korean and English versions, as well as an orchestra version with Aim strings, a luxury orchestra arrangement team in the music industry.

Which is developed as an epic poem expressed by an incredibly realistic virtual orchestra from the orchestra to the choir, leaves a hot and sad afterglow like the music of a movie, showing the worldview of Mega Max to be unfolded in the future. makes you look forward to it

The agency Inmedia A&D said, “In the future, Megamax is doing its best to become a long-lived group as a wonderful junior group that continues the genealogy of many seniors such as ‘BTS, TXT, EXO, SEVENTEEN, BTOB,’ which are like K-pop’s miracles.” “MegaMex will communicate with domestic and foreign fans through various contents as well as online SNS communication,” he said.

Ahead of the release and showcase, the members said, “We are pleased to meet fans who will love our music ahead of our debut. He expressed his bold ambitions.

Meanwhile, Megamax’s debut mini-album, which held a showcase on the 25th, will be available for streaming service on domestic and overseas music platforms at noon on the 26th.

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