‘Simply K-Pop’ Queen’s Eye, ‘Yummy Yummy’ as proud as the queen’s eyes.

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Girl group Queen’s Eye opened the door wide with a unique performance.

Queen’s Eye (Wonchae, Haena, Narin, Ahyun, Damin, Jena) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop,’ aired on the afternoon of the 11th, and performed their debut title song ‘Yummy Yummy.’

Queen’s Eye, who appeared on stage with a girl crush on her, captivated the K-pop fandom with just one performance and captivated the ears with her confident and powerful vocals.

Queen’s Eye, emerging as a new performance restaurant, showed a rookie spirit and confidence in this ‘Simply K-Pop’ and led viewers to a new world of music enjoyed once with the eyes and once again with the ears.

As all members participated in the choreography of the debut title song, they not only presented a perfect match but also revealed the value of a ‘real’ queen who knows how to play correctly. Queen’s Eye conveyed radiant energy and simultaneously conveyed that they can make everyone in public a ‘queen’ through their music, drawing admiration.

Queen’s Eye, which has the title of participating in the choreography of all members, which is rare for a new artist, boasts a relaxed stage manner with sharp performances, excellent vocals, and thrilling visuals, and induces admiration for every stage.

Queen’s Eye, captivating K-pop with its colorful charms, is on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ and SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ on the 13th will continue their active activities.

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