BTS Jimin, perfect from vocals to rapping

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BTS Jimin perfectly digests everything from vocals to rapping, receiving praise from domestic and foreign vocal experts.

On the 13th, the first day of the online fan meeting ‘BTS MUSTER Microcosm,’ Jimin appeared at the beginning of the stage ‘Daechwita’ wearing stage costumes using Dopo and gat. He showed off Korea’s beauty to the world and captivated the fans with his charismatic rap with a flow that is comparable to a professional rapper.

On the second day, the 14th, on the stage of ‘Chicken Noodle Soup,’ he showed off his charm with a unique khaki suit and sunglasses. Diction’s sexy Spanish rap that sticks to the ear aroused a huge cheer. Becky, the main character of the original stage, which saw this, also expressed a strong reaction by saying, ‘KILLED iT.’

Since then, ‘NOW,’ ‘Elite Daily,’ ‘News Week,’ ‘CHVNoticias,’ ‘Salob’s Arabic,’ telehit_musica, etc. followed by Sequence of Sound, Sports Grind Entertainment, Inquirer, Teen Vogue, ETbilArabi, POPLINE, Line Today, Global media such as All-K-Pop, DiariodeYucatan, Koreaboo, and Bollywood Life imprinted his overwhelming presence worldwide, choosing Spanish rap as the highlight of the second day of the fan meeting.

Previously, Jimin received enthusiastic responses to his new appearance as a rapper Jimin in ‘Tony Montana’ in 2016 and ‘Ding’ in 2019. So far, it is collecting explosive topics from fans at home and abroad to the extent that it is counted as one of BTS’ legendary stages. In this way, Jimin exuded a hip charm with a groove full of swag and made fans enthusiastic with his short but perfect and unique rap with his personality. With his genius multi-type vocal skills, fans are looking forward to seeing more colorful performances of Jimin.

On the other hand, Jimin captivated the Japanese archipelago with his overwhelming high-pitched sound and dance skills, like the team’s lead vocalist and leading dancer.

On the 18th, BTS appeared on the Japanese music program ‘MUSIC BLOOD’ and performed the new Japanese song ‘Film out’ and the English single ‘Butter.’ On the stage of ‘Film out,’ Jimin wore a denim shirt and black slacks and captivated the scene with a neat atmosphere with black hair contrasting with smooth white skin.

The delicate expression of his deep, faint eyes, in harmony with the song’s sad lyrics he misses someone, stimulated the audience’s emotions from the beginning, like a monologue. On this stage, too, Jimin seamlessly connected the members’ different vocals and showed off the side of a creepy vocal genius by digesting unbelievably high-pitched sounds with sincerity.

Jimin, who was praised as a ‘national treasure-class voice’ by the famous Japanese singer ‘Murata Tomoya’ last year, freely uses the ecstatic tone that proves this and the falsetto singing method praised by the US Forbes ‘MTV Unplugged Present: BTS.’ He shook the Japanese archipelago with his unique timbre and overwhelming vocal skills.

Then, in the released ‘Butter,’ Jimin, wearing a bright yellow colored black suit, showed off his dazzling appearance as if he had received a single spotlight in the scene where the Jeonju members were shown one after the other and another sexy charm with a sophisticated and luxurious visual. showed off

In particular, he decorated the all-time luxury stage with the praise he received from music critic Youngdae Kim that ‘Jimin, who leaves an unforgettable presence anywhere, even in a very brief moment, plays a key role in this song in both the auditory and visual realms.’ did.

The elegant dance line, which stands out especially in the group dance, is a splendid technique that even professional dancers admire repeatedly, and the high-quality detail choreography that increases with time, such as fingertips, toes, shoulder and knee angles, etc. completed

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