E’Beautiful’ topped the K-Pop radar chart. NCT U ‘Universe’ for two weeks in a row

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NCT’s new song ‘Beautiful’ topped the K-pop radar chart.

NCT 2021’s ‘Beautiful’ music video recorded 19.21 million views for seven days from December 12 to December 18, the 51st week of K-pop radar.

The music video for ‘Beautiful’ has also set records, surpassing 5 million views in about 9 hours and 10 million views in about one day after it was first released. In particular, NCT U topped the K-pop radar chart with ‘Universe,’ announcing a spectacular comeback, and topped the charts for two weeks in a row.

Regarding this, K-Pop Radar said, “NCT took the 1st and 2nd places on the K-Pop Radar chart,” and said, “It is Korea’s representative boy group that continues to be popular.”

On the other hand, K-Pop Radar is a fandom-specialized service that has been opened so that data of K-Pop fandom can be grasped at a glance.

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