BTS topped the US K-Pop chart show ‘K-Pop Radar’ Weekly Trending Chart

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The global group BTS took first place on the weekly trending chart of ‘K-Pop Radar,’ a chart show dedicated to K-pop broadcast across the United States.

‘K-Pop Radar’ was the first regular U.S. radio program in K-Pop history to gather topics, and the K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart was released today (24th).

In the chart, BTS was selected as the main character in the top spot, who recently released a new album, ‘Proof,’ and performed active activities such as domestic music broadcasting.

The music video for BTS’ new song ‘Old to Come’ recorded a whopping 90.68 million views during the 3rd week of K-Pop Radar’s counting period (June 10 – June 16) and added more than 460,000 followers on Spotify.

According to K-Pop Radar, the average increase in Spotify followers of K-Pop artists during the same period was confirmed to be about 3,000, showing the influence of BTS.

Instagram and Twitter followers also increased by 383,000 and 142,000, respectively, continuing the steep rise despite being already a top global artists. This is a surprising increase compared to the rise of K-pop artists’ Instagram followers by about 8,700 and Twitter followers by about 2,000 during the same period.

A representative of K-Pop Radar said, “If you look at any data, it is overwhelmingly number one. I look forward to what other amazing records we will show in the future.”

On the weekly trending chart released on ‘K-Pop Radar’ this week, the new song ‘Danger’ by the girl group ‘Wow!’ ranked second. Next, Pixie’s ‘Villain,’ Classy’s ‘Classy,’ and Omega X’s ‘Play Dumb’ was included.

‘K-Pop Radar’ is broadcast throughout the United States for one hour every Thursday at 8:00 PM eastern time in the United States through the SiriusXM channel, the largest satellite radio in North America, along with global media company 88 Rising. The DJ is Jamie. The K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart can be found on 88 Rising Radio and K-Pop Radar SNS.

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