‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click’, a K-pop music show with scary momentum, will be held three times on the 25th

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The second broadcast of ‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click’ (hereafter, Dream Rising), a rising star spotlight project of K-POP CLICK, which has established a position as a K-POP hub platform, was successfully broadcast on the 28th. While the curtain is ending, the third stage will be held on the 25th.

‘Dream Rising’ is a collaborative project launched by K-Pop Click, Korea Entertainment Producers Association (KEPA), JWK Entertainment, Kon Media, etc., to showcase various stages of K-POP Super Rookies the public. Idol corps will appear and show off the location.

‘Dream Rising’ is the gateway for newcomers to the K-POP super concert ‘Dream Concert’. It focuses on K-POP rising stars by combining talent and talent over 12 performances a year. The broadcast of ‘Dream Rising’, where emerging K-pop players cast their votes every month, is broadcast on the first Wednesday of every month through the MBC Plus MBC M channel.

K-pop experts said, “Amidst the strong global growth of K-pop, expectations are growing for the colourful charms of ‘Dream Rising’, a rising star who will play an active role in the future of K-pop.”

In the March broadcast, ‘MZ Generation’s representative girl group’ Woo!ah!, ‘Retro Artisan’ Rocket Punch, and We. I came to decorate ‘Dream Rising’ #2. In addition to the perfect stage showing ‘sword dance’, a prerequisite for a successful K-pop idol, ‘legend K-POP stars’ such as BTS and Black Pink led the K-POP craze through the individual skill corner “Show me your Click” ‘cover dance. Their stage will be broadcast live through K-Pop Click, and K-Pop Click will be posted three times on the 25th, attracting the interest of K-pop fans at home and abroad.

The 3rd’ Dream Rising in K-Pop Click’ will be held on the 25th, and the artist lineup selected as ‘April Rising Star’ will be released exclusively through the K-POP CLICK platform and SNS on the 8th. The performance will be held at the Namsan World K-Pop Center, the centre of K-pop, and broadcast in real-time through the K-POP CLICK platform from 8 PM. Only subscribers of the ‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click’ channel on the K-Pop Clip platform can watch it for free, and following the last two episodes, K-POP fans will be satisfied with the five senses through an audience event.

‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click’ #3 broadcast will be held at the World K-Pop Center, a K-pop complex cultural space attracting attention as a key player leading the domestic and overseas K-pop market through various contents. The ‘K-POP CLICK’ platform, which encompasses K-POP performances, ranges, and broadcasting, is a professional community that combines blockchain technology and K-POP content. – We plan to launch and provide various services. One of them is the sale of POP-related goods, a live commerce service that sells individual products of celebrities, a fair K-POP chart, and a community service for entertainment news.

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