Chinese media “Regulation of Korean idol fandom, the additional blow to K-pop industry

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While the Chinese social media Weibo suspended 21 Korean star fan accounts, the Chinese state media pointed an arrow at the fact that the wrong fan club culture originated in Korea.

On the 7th, the Global Times, the English version of the Chinese state-run global newspaper, said, “China’s star-following culture originates from Korea, and Korean stars cannot be an exception to the Chinese authorities’ purification campaign for the entertainment industry. It Will is an additional blow to the Recently, with the entertainment industry in full swing in China, fandom regulations are being strengthened significantly for stars such as Korean idol groups.

Group BTS member Jimin’s Chinese fans flew an airplane covered with Jimin’s face and happy birthday phrases, but on the 5th, the Weibo account was suspended for 60 days. Weibo said, “We will firmly oppose and strictly deal with irrational star-following acts.”

After 12 hours of Lisa Black, Pink, Rose, Bulletproof Boy Scouts RM Jay-hop jeans, IU, Exo, calmly, NCT of 21 fans, including some members account was suspended for 30 days. ‘

Also, China’s most prominent music platform, Tencent QQ Music, limited the purchase of one digital album or single per account.

The Global Times said that the Korean entertainment industry relies heavily on Chinese fan clubs to sell albums and idol-related products. Foreign companies that make money from Chinese fans in a hard way cannot be exempt from the regulation,” he added.

In June, the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Internet Safety and Informatization Committee announced that it would focus on cracking down on activities that encourage underage fans to support fundraising and large amounts of consumption and close related accounts and groups.

Then, on the 2nd, the Central Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China announced guidelines for popular culture management, including warnings about the fundraising activities of the ‘fandom’ and the need to strengthen education. Since then, fandom regulations such as SNS regulations are pouring in.

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