K-Pop BTS’ excellent communication secret ‘deaf and sign language.’

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BTS is known as a ’21st-century pop icon’ that is creating a craze worldwide and as a K-pop boy group in Korea.

BTS holds a new record for consecutive Billboard charts with the songs’ Butter’, ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘Film Out,’ ‘Poetry for Small Things’ and ‘DNA,’ and in 2021, the new song ‘Permission to Dance ( Permission to dance)’ was announced.

As the lyrics of this song say, “We don’t need permission to dance,” this song has a positive message to those who have had a hard day, ‘You can dance as much as you like without permission.’ We are carrying the message.

The music video is of great interest worldwide, garnering over 100 million views within 52 hours of its release. Interestingly, some of the performance choreography included international sign language, which gave an enormous resonance to 1.5 billion deaf people and their families around the world. Since I enjoyed music in International Sign Language, the universal language of the deaf around the world, there is no need for words.

There is three representative international sign language used in the choreography.

The gesture of waving over the body with the thumb extended and the other fingers half-bent means’ fun’. The image of moving left and right with the two fingers of the other hand as a stage in one palm is ‘dancing,’

This music video of BTS contributed to Barrier Free, where even the deaf (deaf) can enjoy music without barriers. In response, the World Health Organization (WHO) also shared a music video and thanked him for including the sign language choreography.

This is not the first time BTS has paid attention to the deaf community. He also used sign language when he appeared on American CBS ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.’ It was a corner where they explained the main word with their expression, and all the members showed the sign language ‘butter’ together.

This also considered interpreting the performance in sign language during the ‘Love Yourself’ world tour at the Staples Center in LA, USA. Of course, I even greeted ARMY, a deaf American, in sign language.

Even at the official photo event, he used the international sign language “I LOVE YOU” regularly. The way he delivered a message more powerful than words was impressive.

BTS member V even gave the graduates a ‘silent applause’ in sign language at the online graduation ceremony hosted by YouTube. I could feel that he understood agricultural culture well.

In particular, leader RM donated 100 million won to Seoul Samsung School, a particular school, to use it for music education to increase the artistic performance of students who are deaf.

The reason BTS has been able to remain as a global star for a long time rather than a sparkling star lies in its regular communication, positive message to society, and the confidence to confidently express its thoughts and actions without regard to the surrounding gaze.

Wasn’t that sincerity the secret to BTS’ excellent communication, that they did not settle for global popularity and actively worked with the language of linguistic minorities who are marginalized in society?

We look forward to seeing BTS continue to deliver positive influence in the future. Then, while watching BTS’ music video, look for international sign language!

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