Just B, the protagonist of K-Pop Radar’s Rookie of the Month ‘Great Rise.’

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Boy group, Just B, was named for the first time on K-Pop Radar’sRadar’s ”Rookie of the Month”.

On the 19th, K-Pop Radar said, “From among the artists observed through the ”Artist of the Month’Month’ selection data, we plan to announce as ”Rookie of the Month” an artist who recorded a steep rise that is not like a rookie at the same time as the debut. We selected the group Just Be.”

”K-Pop Radar”, the first K-pop data platform, has been selecting ”Artist of the Month” by comprehensively calculating fandom data such as the increase in the number of music video views per month and the trend of official SNS followers since 2019.

K-Pop Radar, which is growing with explosive responses from global fans, announced that it would additionally select ”Rookie of the Month” from August. In particular, JustB has the honor of winning the first title, attracting attention.

Just B is a rookie boy group that made a splendid debut with their 1st mini album ”JUST BURN” in June. With the title song ”DAMAGE”, one month after his debut, he was nominated for 1st place on Mnet’sMnet’s ”M Countdown”, proving that he is a monster rookie.
In response, K-Pop Radar said, “Just Bee’sBee’s debut song ”DAMAGE” music video surpassed 10 million views in just 174 hours.

According to Justbee’sJustbee’s YouTube data analyzed by K-Pop Radar, Justbee had about 13 million views in the 30 days after its debut. Looking at the popularity ratio by country, Vietnam showed 10.4%, India 8%, and Indonesia 7.2%, indicating a greater responsibility in Korea and overseas, including Southeast Asia.

In addition to the music video, the number of followers on the official Twitter account increased by 14.42% and the official Instagram account by 27.88% within a month of their debut, showing remarkable increases in fandom index, respectively.

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