Corona can’t stop the K-pop fever.

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A stage for professional actors, college students, and middle and high school students to decorate a musical together will be set up in Hamyang, Gyeongnam.

Gyeongnam Provincial Office of Education (Superintendent Park Jong-hoon) co-planned the ‘Friend! Let’s play with arts and culture – I’m a K-pop star’s 55th event will be held on the afternoon of the 22nd at Hamyang Seosang Middle and High School (Principal Shin Soo-young) auditorium ‘Deogyu-Gwen.’

In the past, students who were selected through auditions during summer and winter vacations learned musicals and stood on stage. Still, this time, Seosang Middle and High School students, professional actors, and college students will harmonize on the stage.

Director Kim Chun-Kyung, a professor at Dongduk Women’s University, said on the 15th, “If it were not for the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), I would have liked to have Seosang Middle and High School students stand on a large stage. It will be a meaningful time even though we will be working with the actors briefly.” Principal Shin Soo-young said, “Our students’ acting, singing, dancing, and performance skills are above average. I am confident that I will always be a leader in the future society by doing my best.”

This performance is ‘Wildfire.’ Cha Beom-Seok’s realistic play, which consists of five acts, has been reinterpreted in the form of an allegory that transcends time and space. It contains the intention to depict the prototype and dignity of human beings in a war where destruction and killing are the essences.

25 out of 50 middle and high school students will participate in the performance and perform singing and dancing. Teacher Kim Sook-Hyeon (in charge of music) said, “It is a small school, but I wish performances like these were held frequently. The students are also very interested.” Students participating in the musical also said, “It is interesting to be on stage. I will prepare hard and show a good image.” Starting in 2007, I am also a K-Pop star, performing eight times in Gyeongnam alone, including Changwon in 2012, Jinju in 2013, and Sancheong in 2018. The purpose of the program is to enhance cooperation and self-esteem through musicals.

Kim Seong-hee, vice-principal of Seosang Middle and High School, who has supported this program since the days of a scholarship at the Gyeongnam Provincial Office of Education, said, “Our school, an integrated school that takes into account the rural situation, is nurturing talented people who practice sharing under the banner of ‘small enough school, little enough students’.”

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