Ailee One, Debut Album Track List Title Song Title ‘Fear My Love’ Released

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Rookie girl group ILY:1 first revealed the title track along with the tracklist of their debut album ‘LOVE IN BLOOM’.

According to the tracklist released through the official SNS channels of ilyone (Ara, Lyrica, Hana, Rona, Nayu, and Elba) at midnight on the 26th, the debut album includes the title songs ‘Love in Bloom’ and ‘AZALEA ( ‘Azelia)’, including 4 tracks.

In the title song ‘Love in Bloom’, the colourful synthesizer riff sound and dreamy melody harmonize, so you can feel the mysterious charm of Eileen One. ‘AZALEA’, included together, contains Eileen’s earnest wish to plant the seeds of love and look forward to the day when they will bloom splendidly.

In particular, in Ailee One’s debut album ‘LOVE IN BLOOM’, Steven Lee, who composed Oh My Girl’s ‘Slightly Excited’ and ‘Secret Garden’, as well as Girls’ Generation, AOA, and GFRIEND A large number of star-maker divisions, including Caroline Gustavsson, who produced songs such as, etc., and Sean Alexander, an American composer, participated to enhance the album’s perfection.

While releasing the tracklist and raising the enthusiasm for her debut, Ailee One, who is about to make her debut on April 4th, has surpassed 1.8 million views with the hashtag #Eiley One on the video platform Tik Tok, making her debut even before her debut. are making progress Here, the stage video of ‘AZALEA’, which was pre-released on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop’, is getting an explosive response from global fans, such as surpassing 260,000 views.

Meanwhile, Ailee One will take her first step into the music industry with her debut album ‘LOVE IN BLOOM’ at 6 pm on April 4th, and will establish herself as a ‘K-pop star’.

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