From K-pop to jazz, new melodies that melt the heart of Kosi-guk

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In the second year-end to meet the COVID-19 pandemic, carols from home and abroad that will melt your frozen hearts are coming to your fans one after another. There are plenty of options, from K-pop to the music of a jazz master who listens again.

SM Entertainment releases an album with winter songs for the first time in 10 years since 2011. It is ‘2021 Winter SM Town: SMCU Express’, which will be released on the 27th. SMCU is an abbreviation for SM Culture Universe based on SM’s worldview. As one of the SMCU 2022 projects, including the online concert ‘SM Town Live 2022: SMCU Express @ Wilderness’ on the 1st of next month, idols from Red Velvet, NCT, and Espa will participate in large numbers.

An SM official said, “The non-face-to-face concert will be held free of charge as of last year to comfort fans around the world who are exhausted due to the prolonged Corona 19.” he explained. ‘Angel Eyes,’ included in SM Town’s winter album in 2001, will also be released on the 16th after undergoing remastering.

‘Newtro Icon’ Moonchi Park will also release a carol album ‘Short Story in December’ that combines two songs on the same day. The album contains the ‘Skit’ track with a dialogue voice and the title song ‘Even if the world doesn’t know me’ (Kang Won-Woo & Park Moon-Chi Universe), which features a group singing. The agency said, “This song was made while looking back on how I lived in 2021. In addition, Singing Lab artist pH-1 will make a surprise comeback with the winter single ‘Lately’ on the 23rd.

Previously, Local High Records, where Ahn Ye-eun and David Oh belong, also released their first compilation album, ‘Christmas Ornament’ on the 10th. The album contains 13 tracks that showcase the individuality of each artist, including hip-hop and R&B. Singer-songwriter Jang Hee-won also released the third EP ‘December’ on the 2nd. It contains four songs, including the ballad title song ‘December.’

In the pop market, Christmas carols were running backward early. According to Billboard’s main singles chart, ‘Hot 100’ released on the 14th (local time), 5 of the top 10 songs, including Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You (2nd place), are seasonal songs.

‘When Christmas Comes Around’ released by pop star Kelly Clarkson in October, and ‘I Dream of Christmas’ by jazz musician Nora Jones are also good albums to listen to comfortably. Clarkson and Jones have been actively performing live on TV until recently.

An album featuring the classics of jazz master Nat King Cole also catches the ears. This is ‘A Sentimental Christmas with Nat King Cole and Friends,’ released by adding voices to Nat King Cole’s vocals. There are 11 songs in total, including ‘The Christmas Song,’ a ‘virtual duet song’ in which John Legend participated.

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