DDP Autumn Festival, K-Culture Fashion Show, Miss.G. Collection, and Jean Julien Exhibition

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‘DDP Autumn Festival: Viva Beauty’ (hereafter DDP Autumn Festival) will be held until the 9th, hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Design Foundation.

On the evening of the 7th, the ‘K-Culture Fashion Show will be presented at DDP Yugu Exhibition Center Dulle-Gil. The ‘K-Culture Fashion Show,’ which will be presented as a total of two shows, opens at 6:30 pm with ‘The Light of K-Pop.’ You can explore the past and present of K-Pop by presenting ten albums and 51 costumes of 4 groups, including Girls’ Generation, EXO, Espa, and NCT, representing Korea’s world-class artists.

Then, at 8:30 pm, the 23SS show of ‘Miss G Collection’ by Korea’s representative designer Ji Chun-hee continues. Reservations are closed, but citizens can also watch from the remaining seats through on-site registration.

French graphic designer Jean Julien’s outdoor exhibition will be held for the first time in Korea. The ‘Green Duck Cinema’ will also be held, where you can enjoy a movie while enjoying an autumn evening.

DDP was established as a resting place, and the cultural space in the city’s heart offers citizens a unique autumn outing. During the DDP Autumn Festival, which started on the 30th of last month, you can appreciate the work of Jean Julien by visiting the grassy hill. The results of Jean Julien’s unique wit and personality are placed in an outdoor public exhibition so ordinary citizens can meet naturally.

In addition, at the DDP Museum, ‘Jean Julien; Then, there is an indoor exhibition titled ‘there.’ Jean Julien, a French illustrator and graphic designer presents designs that anyone can quickly and happily communicate with his freedom and simplicity.

The DDP Fall Festival finale will be decorated by ‘Land Duck Cinema.’ From 5 to 7 pm on the 8th and 9th, the stage and LED screen will be installed on the grass hill, and the sloped grass hill will become the audience. The films screened are ‘La La Land’ and ‘Chongqing Forest.’ Targeting the 2030 MZ generation accustomed to outdoor festivals, all visitors who enter will receive camping equipment.

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