Kim Young-hye, the former human rights commissioner, won the Ginsburg Medal of Honor.

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Kim Young-hye, a former standing member of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, was selected as one of the Ginsburg Medal of Honor recipients given by the World Conference of Lawyers.

According to the legal community, on the 30th, Kim will receive the Medal of Honor at the World Lawyers Conference to be held in Madrid, Spain, on the 5th of next month.

The World Lawyers Conference is a conference body that includes judges, prosecutors, lawyers, law professors, diplomats, and journalists from 140 countries worldwide. A regular meeting is held every two years, but this year, a tribute session was held for the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away last year, and the ‘Ginsburg Medal of Honor’ was decided to be awarded.

Former member Kim is recognized for practicing the spirit of ‘the rule of law’ through her long life as a judge, contributing to gender equality by serving as a director and vice president of the International Women’s Judges Association, and participating in international human rights promotion activities as a human rights member. Received.

Together with seven other recipients, including European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde and former Australian Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Trix, receive the medal directly from the King of Spain.

Former member Kim said, “I have been quietly working in public office, but I feel like I am being recognized and rewarded for my achievements in the international community.”

Former member Kim, who said he likes watching YouTube and K-pop, also expressed a small idea, saying, “I want to be reborn as a YouTuber who uses the content of his activities in the international community and the way he enters various fields as a lawyer.”

As the 17th member of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, he served as a judge of the Seoul High Court and a chief judge of the Incheon District Court, the Seoul Southern District Court, and the Seoul Central District Court.

After taking off the uniform, he served as a standing member of the National Human Rights Commission of the Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye governments, and in 2018 also served as a private member of the Prime Minister’s Public Personnel Innovation Committee. Currently, he is a lawyer at a law firm in Gwangjang.

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