Lee Chan-won topped the Hanteo Weekly Physical Album Chart! ‘Half Million’ Dignity

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Singer Lee Chan-won and groups The Boyz and Ephex shone brightly on the Hanteo Chart.

Hanteo Chart, the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, today (27th) at 10:00 am, announced the weekly world chart, physical album chart, and certified chart for the 4th week of February 2023.

The world chart announced based on the global data of K-pop artists such as albums, music sources, certifications, SNS, and media, has the meaning of a comprehensive chart. The Boyz took first place on the World Chart for the 4th week of February with a World Index of 13,565.12 points.

The Boyz, who recently made a comeback with the album ‘BE AWAKE,’ showed great strength in the album and social indexes, earning high scores. Following The Boyz, Lee Chan-won ranked second on the weekly world chart, and BTS ranked third.

The first place on the physical album chart last week, which was selected as the ‘Record Index,’ the chart standard of the Hanteo Chart, was Lee Chan-won’s ‘ONE’ album, which recorded 548,011.70 points (weekly album sales of 577,492 copies).

This album’s Initial Chodong sales volume was also counted during the same period as the weekly chart, and Lee Chan-won achieved his first half-million seller with the ‘ONE’ album.

Following this, The Boyz’s ‘BE AWAKE’ album took second place on the Weekly Physical Album Chart, StayC’s ‘Teddy Bear’ album took third place, New Jeans took fourth place with ‘OMG’ album, and Seventeen’s ‘FACE THE SUN’ album. The album peaked at number 5.

Group Ephex’s ‘Book of Love Chapter 1. ‘Puppy Love” album topped the weekly certification chart. Despite the album being released in October of last year, it was loved by global fans and rose to number one. In particular, active certification took place in Japan, proving the interest of Japanese fans.

Triple S’s ‘ASSEMBLE’ album, released on the 13th, took second place on the weekly certification chart, and Blackpink’s ‘BORN PINK’ album, which came in third, showed off its still widespread popularity.

Hanteo Chart’s weekly chart aggregation period of the 4th week of February is from the 20th to the 26th. The world chart is announced based on the global data of K-pop artists, and the physical album chart is reported based on the album index based on global album sales. The certification chart is based on the number of original albums certified by overseas fans.

More detailed information on each album’s chart performance and sales can be found on the mobile ‘Whosfan’ app and Hanteo Chart’s homepage.

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