Dita Karang: The Jogja Girl Who Becomes the First K-Pop Idol from Indonesia

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SuaraJogja.id: For you K-Pop fans, you may be familiar with a girl group called Secret Number. Yes, this South Korean girl group stole the attention of K-pop fans in the country because one of its personnel named Dita Karang is from Indonesia, to be precise from Jogja.

The girl group, fronted by Dita Karang, Soodam, Jinny, Lea, and Denise, debuted on May 19, 2020, by releasing the song ‘Who Dis?’. ‘Who Dis?’ music video released by 1theK’s YouTube channel has now been viewed nearly 40 million times.

Dita Karang, a girl of Jogja-Bali blood, is considered the first person from Indonesia to debut in the K-Pop industry successfully. Want to know other interesting facts about Dita Karang? Let’s look at the following reviews as reported by Matamata.com.

  1. The First K-Pop Idol from Indonesia

Dita Karang is considered the first K-Pop idol from Indonesia, even though there were Loudi 14U and Vanya Z-Girls. To note, Loudi is a girl of Korean/Chinese descent even though she comes from Indonesia. Meanwhile, Z-Girls is considered not a K-Pop group but a group inspired by K-Pop. Therefore, Dita Karang got the title of the first K-Pop idol from Indonesia.

  1. Important Position in Secret Number

Dita Karang introduced herself as the principal dancer or the leading dancer in the Secret Number group. Even though she is from Indonesia, Dita Karang’s ability to speak Korean has also been praised. Dita Karang was also praised for her singing ability which is not inferior to the other four members of Secret Number.

  1. Aspiring to be a Performer

From childhood to adolescence, Dita Karang has pursued her hobby of dancing by taking ballet lessons. Dita Karang then studied K-Pop group dance in high school and dreamed of becoming a performer. Therefore, he continued his higher education at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, United States. While in America, Dita also briefly became a trainee at the Born Star Training Center. Upon arrival in Korea, Dita Karang also joined 1MILLION dance studio, which is a well-known dance community. The teachers who teach at 1MILLION dance studio are known as choreographers for several famous K-Pop groups, BTS.

  1. Had Failed in Various Auditions

Dita Karang’s struggle to join the Secret Number group deserves thumbs up. Dita Karang had applied for various musical drama agencies in the United States. He repeatedly failed when he auditioned because he was competing with hundreds of other applicants. Then Dita Karang decided to try her luck at a South Korean entertainment agency. Dita Karang’s struggle to apply in various agencies led to her meeting with VINE Entertainment, which now oversees Secret Number. Dita Karang was given the opportunity because of her determination and hard work.

  1. 2NE1 and Chrisye fans

Dita Karang mentioned 2NEI as a group that made her want to become a K-Pop idol. The girl who was born on December 25, 1996, also idolizes the soloist IU. As an Indonesian, Dita Karang admitted that she idolized the late Chrisye, especially his Kangen song.

  1. Support from the Indonesian Community and Dian Sastrowardoyo

Dita Karang’s debut as a K-Pop idol made Indonesian people excited. Dita Karang’s name became a trending topic in Indonesia during the song ‘Who Dis?’ released. Dita Karang admitted that she received news from her family in Indonesia that her name kept appearing in the latest articles every day. Support for Dita Karang was also given by the beautiful actress Dian Sastrowardoyo. Star of the movie ‘What’s With Love?’ The man once stayed at Dita Karang’s house while filming in Jogja in 2008 ago. Manager Dian Sastrowardoyo is also a good friend of Dita Karang’s mother.

  1. Had a Personal Instagram Account

Dita Karang and four other Secret Number members had their own personal Instagram accounts. But a month after its debut, they compactly deactivated their Instagram. Personal accounts seem to make Secret Number members confused and dissatisfied with the group.

However, the latest update on Dita Karang’s activities with the Secret Number can still be monitored through the @secretnumber.official Instagram account. Don’t miss it!

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