Exclusive-Pop Star AleXa Talks New Single ‘Xtra’ and ‘ReviveR’ Album: ‘It Was a Completely Different Vibe.’

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She’s making a major comeback! AleXa has dropped her new single “Xtra” and officially released her second album, ReviveR, but what else can fans expect from the K-Pop star? She spills all the tea with J-14 exclusively.

“It’s been about nine months since I’ve had a comeback. So, with this entire release we have going on with ReviveR and ‘Xtra,’ it’s a complete 180 from the AleXa that people have been used to seeing existing in this current multiverse,” the songstress shares. “We wanted to give them kind of a smack in the face with a punch of color, a very bright sound, a very bouncy and energetic choreography that is screams, ‘Hey, look at this.’… The fact that it was a completely different vibe. That’s what made me think: ‘OK, this song is the one to be making a comeback with.'”

When it comes to her new record, ReviveR, AleXa took tons of inspiration from the early 2000s. “I have very fond memories of childhood,” AleXa explains to J-14, noting that she wanted to incorporate her diaries from her youth into the album cover. “There are so many things from my childhood that I loved. I don’t know if I could pick just one, but Pokémon and I are the same age. And I think that’s pretty cool.”

The singer first stepped onto the scene with the song “Bomb” in 2019, but it turns out her new and old music connect!

“With ‘Bomb,’ I debuted with a cyber-punk concept, which hadn’t been done in K-pop in a while. We brought that back,” she shares. “It was very tough, very in your face, very strong, kind of intimidating kind of vibes. Kind of, a cyberpunk warrior is what we started with. Then, if you take that and then put ‘Xtra’ beside it, while it might not look like ‘Xtra’ exists in the same universe as ‘Bomb,’ it does. My overall concept is AI multiverse. … They’re not just pieces. They all go together.”

Aside from her music, AleXa also has a role in the second season of Netflix’s Korean drama Goddam. She recalls the “scary” audition process but says she was “so excited” after hearing her casting news.

“I was so hyped, and I really can’t tell you much about my episode that goes on. I can’t tell you much about my character, but I will say that you guys are probably going to have as much fun watching it [as] I had fun acting in it,” AleXa adds. “I think you will enjoy it to that extent.”

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