‘Contemplating K-pop-like arrangement, I hope even those who don’t know the game will find it.’

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Riot Games is the most active game company in the collaboration between games and music. Overseas, he has collaborated with famous musicians such as Imagine Dragons and Alan Walker, and in Korea with rock band Gukkasten and hip-hop singer Mush Venom, regardless of genre.

Riot Games released the song ‘Everything goes on’ on the 17th in line with the in-game event ‘Star Guardian.’ American singer-songwriter Porter Robinson sang the original music, and in Korea, singer Chungha reinterpreted it and recorded it in Korean. In the middle of this month, I met Chungha at a shooting studio in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, and heard about the process of releasing the Korean version of ‘Everything Gos On’ to the world.

She said, “I was amazed when I heard that this song had something to do with a game event called The Guardian of the Stars. They call my fans’ Byulharang’. I thought it could be an excellent gift for them too, so I was able to participate in collaboration with a happy heart.”

He has a lot of musical greed. I couldn’t feel satisfied by simply changing the lyrics to Korean. Original composer Porter Robinson is male, and his primary activity genre is electronic music. Her music is quite different from Chungha, a female solo singer whose main stage is R&B and dance music. She said, “I had to think deeply about what is a Korean-style or a K-pop arrangement,” she said.

She said, “I wanted to make a song that would reach people who don’t know much about the game. The original songwriter is male, and the tempo is fast, so there were many parts to adjust to suit me. I was apprehensive because I was standing in front of the microphone in a situation where my neck was not in good condition, but the song was picked with a bright atmosphere. I want to say thank you to the engineers.”

‘It’s okay for me to become more blurred in our story where we stayed for a while. Even after leaving, Everything goes on.’ The game character, the main character of the original song’s lyrics, is slowly forgotten in someone’s memory. There she projects the relationship between herself and her fans.

She said, “When I first read the original lyrics, I was sad. ‘After I leave, you will still be fine and continue to shine. I will carry negative emotions such as sadness, so please don’t cry.” Everyone tends to be forgotten as time passes; good times are just moments. It is the game’s theme song, but it has a double meaning as a story I can tell my fans in the future.”

Chungha continued, “It’s sad lyrics, but I tried to express it as brightly as possible,” she explained. He said, “I remember a lot of the tracks I sang at the beginning of my debut, like the 2017 song ‘Why don’t you know, and it also reminded me of the days when I was active in the audition group ‘IOI.'” I thought the memories of the first time we met would return to me,” he said.

Chungha said she would like to collaborate with various genres in the future.

“I don’t like repetition. I want to try a variety of things, and I want to tackle them without fear. I was also really grateful for the collaboration proposal from Riot Games. You know me as a dance singer, but I participated in many historical dramas and drama OSTs before. Various collaboration activities are expected in the future, so please look forward to it.”

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