DKZ’s first solo comeback show was on October 5th. New song stage release for the first time

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DKZ will unveil a new song on stage for the first time at the comeback show.

According to Dongyo Entertainment, on the 29th, DKZ (Kyungyun, Sehyeon, Mingyu, Jae-chan, Jonghyun, and Kiseok) will hold Naver NOW. (Now) ‘DKZ Comeback Show in It’s a Dream’ at 9 pm on October 5 and their seventh single. We will meet with fans before the release of ‘CHASE EPISODE 3. BEUM’.

In ‘DKZ Comeback Show in It’s a Dream, the stage of DKZ’s 7th single ‘CHASE EPISODE 3. BEUM’ will be unveiled for the first time. In addition, DKZ will pre-release a new song scheduled to be released on October 6 at 6 pm, giving fans a particular time to wait for their comeback.

In particular, DKZ’s first solo comeback show is Naver NOW, where member Jae Chan is the host. It has a special meaning in that it takes place in ‘It’s a Dream. DKZ is expected to show off a variety of quirks with not only more vital teamwork but also a sense of freedom in the members’ space.

In addition to the pre-release of the seventh single and the talk that unfolds in a comfortable atmosphere among the members, DKZ also has time to communicate with the fans they love as DKZ is returning after about six months ‘CHASE EPISODE 2. MAUM’ released in April, DKZ is expected to attract fans’ interest with various episodes and TMI (Too Much Information).

As DKZ is holding a solo comeback show for the first time, it is expected that the expectations of K-pop fans will be high, as well as the dazzling popularity. DKZ, which is heating up with a concept photo at the same time as the comeback news, will also present various teasing content such as concept films and MV teasers before the comeback show.

DKZ’s seventh single, ‘CHASE EPISODE 3. BEUM’, who returned from boys resembling the coolness of summer to men in the fall that suits the cool weather, depicts the story of DKZ, who has given up fear and gained courage through growth.

On the other hand, DKZ’s new album ‘CHASE EPISODE 3. BEUM’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on October 6, and the day before, at 9 pm on October 5, Naver NOW. (Now) ‘It’s a Dream through ‘DKZ Comeback Show in It’s a Dream.

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