‘Jin is Genius’ BTS Jin’s ‘Super Tuna,’ US Ivy League college students also cover dance. Endless popularity craze

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The worldwide popularity craze continues endlessly, with BTS Jin’s self-composed song ‘Super Tuna’ being covered by US Ivy League college students.

The American media Allkpop recently published an article titled “Ivy League Students Cover Dance to Jin’s ‘Super Tuna.'”

The media said that ‘Super Tuna,’ a song that Jin made non-commercially for fun, was still famous nine months after it was released and became a national hit, mentioned by many Korean celebrities.

Appearing in TV shows, radio, and commercials, he explained that the media produced documentaries about ‘super tuna’ and that it was fashionable for students to dance to the song at numerous festivals.

All K-Pop said that Ivy League Cornell University students also joined the trend.

Cornell University’s cover dance group ‘E.Motion’ danced to ‘Super Tuna’ in front of the campus.

The video was surprisingly cool, and the students added that they wore clothes inspired by Jean’s ‘super tuna.’

All K-Pop said that the popular game ‘In the Island with BTS’ also recently added a new ‘super tuna’ costume to match Jin’s character, resulting in a massive response from fans flocking to get this outfit.

The media praised Jin as a surprisingly high-quality song in terms of music, saying that Jin wrote the melody and lyrics of ‘Super Tuna’ in less than an hour and released it to fans as a gift on her birthday.

Jin also mentioned that he paid attention to the details of the music as usual and directed the ‘Super Tuna’ video, which remains the most-watched male idol choreography video on YouTube.

Jin’s self-composed song ‘Super Tuna,’ released on December 4th last year, received great love right after its release, surpassing PSY’s ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ record for 16 days in the global YouTube music category. He proved his unrivaled popularity and influence by becoming the first K-pop solo singer to do the above.

Numerous local governments, Korean embassies in China, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea Tourism Organization, etc., as well as the most popular children’s channels Pororo, Baby Shark, Pinkfong, Cocomong, Pengsoo, and Teletubbies, all, participated in the ‘Super Tuna’ dance challenge and became a hot topic.

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