Dong-A University of Media and Arts to hold DIMA K-Pop School in 2021

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Dong-A University of Broadcasting and Arts (President Choi Yong-hyuk) will hold ‘2021 DIMA K-Pop School’.

‘2021 DIMA K-Pop School’, conducted as an online class to prevent the spread of COVID-19, will open and educate Korean, K-Culture, and K-Pop courses for two weeks from the 9th.

This program is a short-term educational program conducted by the Dong-A Broadcasting Arts University, which was selected as the short-term undergraduate course operating university of the ‘Korea-Japan Joint Higher Education International Student Exchange Program’ hosted by the Ministry of Education in 2020 purely Japanese university students. About 20 students, including students from the academy group visual art, will participate.

This project, implemented to promote Korean culture to Japanese students and promote exchange and friendship between Korea and Japan, is supervised by the National Institute of International Education, the Ministry of Education. All selected students are paid educational expenses and other expenses.

Mi-ran Yu, Director of International Cooperation at Dong-A University of Broadcasting and Arts, who supervises the education, said, “Even though it is an online class, our university is equipped with the best broadcasting equipment in Korea, so we are fully prepared so that there is no hindrance to learning. We hope that the class will be a meaningful time for Japanese students participating in the program to experience and understand Korean traditional culture.”

The Ministry of Education selects Dong-A University of Broadcasting and Arts for the University Innovation Support Project. It has been conducting short-term training programs similar to the same project, such as K-Pop (vocal and dance) and primary Korean language education for foreigners since 2017. · To become a top global university in the field of art, we have signed an academic exchange agreement with 48 universities in 20 countries, including the US, UK, Russia, France, Japan, and China, to operate various programs such as exchange students and language training to promote active international exchange activities. It is a global broadcasting and arts specialized university.

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