World K-Pop Center-ALV Group MOU Signed. ‘Joined ‘Click the Star’, a girl group audition in 32 countries, as a partner in the Philippines’

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World K-Pop Center Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Seong-jin) and ALV Group (Chairman ARNOLD L. VEGAFRIA), a comprehensive entertainment company in the Philippines, signed a strategic partnership agreement on the 14th for a joint project in the Philippines for the blockbuster global girl group audition ‘Click the Star’ said it did

This business agreement was held at the headquarters of the ALV Group located in the Philippines. ALV Group is the general management company of Manny Pacquiao, the world’s best boxing champion called ‘Legend Boxer.’ It is the best comprehensive entertainment group in the Philippines.

The World K-Pop Center, Korea’s largest K-POP training institution, also called ‘the mecca of K-POP training,’ was established to foster and disseminate K-Korean Wave experts and fostering stars, and professional trainers who will lead the globalization of the Korean Wave. It is a mecca for ‘all-in-one’ K-POP training, from discovering potential artists to fostering global artists.

Through this agreement, ALV Group joined the Philippines as an official partner of ‘Click the Star,’ a ‘blockbuster girl group audition in 32 countries’ hosted by the World K-Pop Center and supervised by K-Pop Click, an affiliated K-POP content platform. The Filipino members who debuted through the ‘Click the Star’ audition went through training at the World K-Pop Center, ‘the cradle of K-POP’, and were managed by ALV Group, the best local entertainment group in the Philippines. Through overall care, etc., they can be active as a ‘national girl group’ in the Philippines on the world stage.

ALV Group announced that it would take care of the Filipino group “Click the Star” in all directions by utilizing its know-how and potential as the best entertainment company in the Philippines and held an audition for “Click the Star” along with the World K-Pop Center, the birthplace of K-POP. We will actively work as a support force in the Philippines.”

Park Seong-jin, CEO of the World K-Pop Center, said, “It is reassuring to select ALV Group, the Philippines’ representative entertainment group and the general management company of the legendary boxer Pacquiao, as the official partner in the Philippines.” It is expected that POP will spread the influence of our K-culture throughout the world where people like K-POP.”

Previously, “Click the Star” stood at the center of attention not only for its scale but also for its project vision, which set forth a strategy to lead the convergence of management and broadcasting industries around the world and Korea’s K-POP industry in earnest. The World K-Pop Center said, “As the first girl group to lead K-POP at the center of the next-generation global, we can actively support it by utilizing the best local infrastructure after debuting in Korea and global K-POP content. We will continue to select partners with a vision that can promote the joint development of

While all attention was focused on the launch of the “Click the Star” project, an unprecedented global talent discovery project with top-notch experts in styling, production, and management, as well as discovery and training of K-POP top idols, the Philippine partner company Attention is focusing on what the next global partner of the World K-Pop Center that has been selected will be.

On the other hand, a worldwide girl group audition that discovers a total of 160 K-POP group members from 32 countries worldwide, including Korea, Japan, China, the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and Malaysia. The first season of ‘Click the Star begins in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Members selected through online preliminaries, public voting by K-pop fans from all over the world, and screening by the elite corps of K-pop experts who trained BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and BTS will get plane tickets to Korea. Afterward, they teach at the World K-Pop Center, a professional institution equipped with the best K-POP facilities and curriculum, and stand on the final stage. The successful candidates who were finally selected as members represent their respective countries to make their K-POP debut in Korea. After achieving success, he will be active as a leading figure in K-POP.

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