Seventeen, Ranked 20 times on the chart for 49 weeks. Ranked 10th with a 1.3% chart share

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Seventeen’s report card for 49 weeks on the Circle Chart has been on the charts a total of 20 times, including six global K-pop charts, seven album charts, and seven retail album charts. The average ranking is 66th.

Seventeen’s chart share is 1.3%, ranking 10th out of 399 artists (teams) who entered the chart.

Seventeen has charted six times on the global K-pop chart, including ‘HOT’ at No. 52, ‘Very NICE’ at No. 100, ‘_WORLD’ at No. 123, ‘Rock with you at No. 137, ‘Darl+ing’ at No. 144, and ‘CHEERS’ at No. 194. entered into

‘9th Mini Album Attacca’ ranked 17th on the album chart, ‘3RD ALBUM An Ode‘ ranked 23rd, ‘4th Album Face the Sun ranked 30th, ‘8th Mini Album Your Choice ranked 31st, ‘Special Album’ at number 44; [Semicolon]’, ‘4th Album RepackageSECTOR 17’ at No. 52, ‘4th AlbumFace the Sun` (Weverse)’ at No. 58, and 7 albums on the chart.

Also on the Retail Album Chart, ‘4th Album Face the Sun’ ranked 20th, ‘9th Mini Album Attacca’ ranked 23rd, ‘4th Album Repackage SECTOR 17’ ranked 39th, and ‘3RD ALBUM An Ode‘ ranked 40th. , ‘7th Mini Album ‘Henggarae” at 44th, ‘4th Album ‘Face the Sun’ (Weverse)’ at 46th, and ‘4th Album Repackage ‘SECTOR 17′ (Weverse)’ at 48th.

I looked at the number of chart entries for each song, ‘HOT’ 1 time, ‘Aju NICE’ 1 time, ‘_WORLD’ 1 time, ‘Rock with you one time, ‘Darl+ing’ 1 time, ‘CHEERS’ 1 time, etc.

Looking at the number of chart entries by album, ‘9th Mini Album Attacca’ 2 times, ‘3RD ALBUM An Ode’ 2 times, ‘4th Album Face the Sun Two times, ‘4th Album Repackage SECTOR 17’ 2 times, ‘4th Album Face the Sun (Weverse)’ Two times, ‘8th Mini Album Your Choice One time, ‘Special Album ; [Semicolon]’ once, ‘7th Mini Album Henggarae’ once, ‘4th Album Repackage SECTOR 17 (Weverse)’ once.

In Star Survey, voting for various stars is in progress. Seventeen voting search results are as follows.

SEVENTEEN is listed as a candidate for the ‘February Birthday’ star electronic display support voting in Star Survey.

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