Egyptian cover dance team ‘AMM Bro.’ K-pop dance wearing hanbok

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Egypt is the birthplace of world civilization, where history is alive and well. The wind of Korean culture is blowing strongly here in Egypt, the center of the Arab culture.

Egypt, where the Korean Cultural Center was first established among Middle Eastern countries, announced the start of the Korean Wave with the airing of the drama ”Autumn in My Heart” in 2004. It is spreading in various fields.

On Spotify, the worlds world’s largest music platform, the number of Egyptians looking for K-pop has increased to the extent that Egypt’sEgypt’s K-pop streaming growth rate is counted at 33 percent, and the popularity of Korean language classes at Einshams University and Aswan University in Egypt is increasing day by day. Am. In addition, interest in Korean food is growing through exposure to Korean dramas and movies. Recently, various Korean groceries appeared in general supermarkets, and Korean culture is getting closer to Egyptian people, such as purchasing Korean groceries online.

The land of ancient civilization, the K-culture that captured Egypt. ”Simply Kpop CONTOUR”, which will be held this time, is with Egyptian fans fascinated by Korean culture.

Egyptian cover dance team ”AMM Bro.”
wears hanbok and challenges K-pop cover dance!

In the Simply K-Pop Contour Egypt section, we had a video connection with Egypt’sEgypt’s best K-pop cover dance team, ”AMM Bro”. ”AMM Bro” is famous as a team with excellent skills, winning the championship and popularity award in 2021 following the 2019 K-pop cover dance contest hosted by the Korean Cultural Center in Egypt.

In particular, the AMM Bro team performed a cover dance in hanbok, and member ”Mahmoud” explained, ”On the day of hanbok, we went to the Korean section of the International Park in Egypt to wear hanbok and danced BTS’BTS’ IDOL”. It was a unique and perfect experience.” In addition, K-pop, which gave me confidence and allowed me to meet my best friends, was ”everything” to AMM Bro, and he also conveyed his love for K-pop.

Lim Chang-Jung, Billy, Han Seung-Yoon, etc. ”Simply K-Pop Contour Egypt’Egypt’ Lineup Revealed

In the Simply K-Pop Contour Egypt edition, with Jinhee and Minji of Secret Numbers as notable MCs, colorful and splendid stages unfolded.

The group Billy, who became a trending rookie at the same time as their debut with ”RING X RING” and ”snowy night”, came to the fans with their first comeback stage with the highly addictive new song ”GingaMingaYo”. In addition, the step for the song ‘a’a sign ~ anonymous”, which expresses the idea that someone is sending the déjà vu phenomenon experienced in daily life, in Billy’sBilly’s style, will also be performed, raising expectations for Billy’sBilly’s multi-worldview story to be unfolded in earnest.

Singer Lim Chang-Jung released the stage for the song ”I Hate Trot”, which contains the main character, who hated trot due to her preconceived notions of trot, started liking trot. He presented delightful energy to global fans with a stage that combines humor and witty lyrics with witty lyrics.

Singer Han Seung-Yoon, who recently released his first solo album, made a mark with his outstanding singing ability and warm appearance on the stage of the rock ballad song ”Lavender”, which sang a farewell sentiment. Along with this, Trend Magazine, Rocking Doll, Luminous, Only One of, Cracky, Double-decker Bus, Pink Fantasy, Kim Jang-hoon X Rolling Quartz, etc., will appear and captivate fans around the world with their splendid performances.

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