Operating a K-pop production ‘Duckzil Shop’ Service Expansion

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Amp operates a ‘Duckzil Shop’ where global K-pop fans can trade content (goods, images) directly produced in an open market.

Duckzil Shop targets the ‘fan industry’ industry such as goods and exhibitions and provides translation, overseas payment, overseas delivery service, and even CS. The amplifier is currently upgrading services such as recruiting content creators (major fans), marketing, and copyright monitoring by applying AI technology. In the future, by implementing a global open market for K-pop goods, it is also seeking synergies and linkages with the K-pop NFT business.

Amp CEO Lee Jong-Seok said, “Based on the infrastructure such as Amp’s fandom network, we are aiming to distribute digital content owned by K-pop fandoms to the market and to strengthen platform services so that communities can be formed both online and offline.” Through a multi-channel network (MCN) business model for unique fans who lead trends), we are working with fans to create and distribute K-pop fan content,” he explained.

Examination Review Jun-Young Oh, Partner of Sherpa Ventures, said, “Duckzil Shop has already secured stable sales by selling Homma’s goods, and the goods business seems to be on a soundtrack through the establishment. Of a logistics system.” We are planning to expand our business model.” “However, there is a risk that the company’s value can be affected by the star, so a more robust business model is needed,” he added.

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