Fable to stage a new song ‘Run Run Run’ in ‘Simply K-Pop’ Heavily armed with intense performance

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Group F.able presents an all-time performance in ‘Simply K-Pop.’

Fable will perform the second single ‘Run Run Run’ on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop,’ which will be broadcast on September 4th.

On this day’s ‘Simply K-Pop,’ Fable is expected to overwhelm the stage with impeccable strong performances and impeccable choreography. In particular, he plans to show off his unique presence by showing off his upgraded visuals and the charm of five people and five colors.

Fable’s new song ‘Run Run Run’ is a song about running endlessly without giving up on a dream, and the intense synth and heavy dream beat harmoniously harmonize to create a wild yet energetic atmosphere. In particular, for this new song, members Sihun and Junhyung wrote the lyrics to improve the perfection.

Fable debuted in June of last year with the first single, ‘Uratcha .’ In this album, they tried to make a new change by replacing two existing members. Currently, Fable continues to be active by communicating with fans through various stages as well as SNS.

‘Simply K-Pop’ featuring Fable can be viewed live on the YouTube channel ‘Simply K-Pop’ at 7 pm on the 23rd and broadcast on Arirang TV at 1 pm on September 4th.

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