‘Swoopa’ YGX wins K-Pop mission, Coca N Butter VS Waybee elimination battle

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YGX, led by Rijeong, has been reborn as the final winner of the K-Pop BoA mission.

In Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter,’ which was broadcast on the 14th, the mission of the four kings of K-pop was unfolded.

YGX defeated WANT in the total score, including the fight judge and global popular vote, to win. Ri-Jeong exclaimed, “We won,” and rejoiced.

He continued, “I felt that sincerity and earnestness worked because I won by a large score difference.”

YGX’s stage proved its hot popularity by recording 470,000 views as well as 50,000 likes.

On the other hand, Coca N Butter, led by Lehey, stayed at the bottom of the list. Here, the battle for the elimination of Weibe, who was nominated by the mission winner YGX, was announced, raising curiosity about the outcome.

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