K-Pop Star Coin, Gangneung Ponam Branch Open ‘Four Great Singer Selection Contest’

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Coin karaoke startup K-Pop Star Coin Karaoke announced the opening of a new franchise store, Gangneung Ponam, in September. The Gangneung Ponam branch comprises 16 available double rooms, six premium quad rooms, and one recording studio.

The ‘2022 K-Pop Star Coin Song Awards Contest’ will be held simultaneously at all branches to commemorate the opening. You can apply by making a song video from October 1 to November 25 at branches nationwide and sending it to the K-Pop Star Coin Karaoke Kakao Talk channel.

This contest can be entered into two categories. First, you can participate in the cell phone-only section by recording a video of yourself singing with your cell phone in any room. The second is a section dedicated to the recording studio, where you can participate by using the half-cycle recording function in the recording studio.

An official said that a mobile phone singing contest was added so that even those who had difficulty participating in the singing contest, which was held mainly by users of existing recording studios, could easily participate.

From December 1 to 15, the K-box recording studio YouTube channel and Naver TV channel will select the winners in a tournament format from the round of 32 to the round of 4 through comment voting, and the awards ceremony will be held online on December 20, 2022.

Currently, K-Pop Star Coin Karaoke is running a startup support program worth 30 million won, such as free construction of a recording studio or self-cut photo studio, installation of a 3D stereophonic sound system, and installation of an unmanned management kiosk, limited to contractors in October. Other questions can be found on the K-Pop Star Coin Karaoke website.

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