F(X) Luna spreads K-pop in the heart of New York.

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‘K-pop’ rang out on Broadway in New York, the world’s best performance city.

On the 17th, ‘Super Star,’ a performance song from the Broadway musical ‘KPOP’ sung by singer Luna who plays the main character ‘Mui,’ was released. The song is a pre-release song for the original soundtrack album [KPOP], which is set to be officially released in May.

The musical “K-pop” is a “K-pop musical” performed at Circle in the Square Theater on Broadway in New York. It deals with the lives of K-pop trainees, including the main character ‘Mui,’ who belongs to a fictional Korean agency. The performance premiered on November 27, 2022, and was held 17 times until December 11.

In ‘K-Pop,’ which depicts the process of the main character Mui overcoming adversity as a trainee and making her debut on the New York stage, a considerable amount of Korean is spoken in the lines of the cast, and jokes about the language barrier between English and Korean are exchanged.

The main character, ‘Mui,’ was played by Luna from group f(x). Helen Park curated the musical and was the first Asian female composer on Broadway. In addition, producer Harvey Mason Jr. shines his career in album production of Girls’ Generation, EXO, BoA, and NCT127.

‘Super Star,’ released on the 17th, is a pre-release song from the musical’s original soundtrack album [KPOP], which is set to be officially released in May. A music video was also released along with the soundtrack. In addition to Luna, several K-pop stars familiar to us, such as Spica’s Bohyeong, Miss A’s Min, and U-Kiss’s Kevin, participated in the album.

In addition to ‘Mui,’ 19 songs sung by characters from the new boy group ‘F8’ and the trainee girl group ‘RTMIS’ are included. Most of the album contains Korean lyrics, including ‘Super Star,’ but it is expected to disprove the power of music that transcends language barriers. The album [KPOP] resonated on Broadway and will be released as a physical album and a digital sound source.

Luna’s ‘Super Star,’ ‘K-pop’ that resonated on Broadway in New York is currently available on all music streaming services.

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