K-POP fan buys 4.1 copies of the same album to collect goods. Purchase up to 90 pieces.

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It was found that more than half of K-POP (K-pop) fans purchase albums to collect fandom goods (goods). Only 5.7% of consumers listened to music on CD.

According to the survey results announced by the Korea Consumer Agency on the 7th, 52.7% of consumers active in the K-pop fandom, I had the experience of purchasing albums to collect goods. One hundred ninety-four consumers who had the experience of purchasing albums to obtain random goods purchased an average of 4.1 copies of the same album. In some cases, up to 90 copies of the same album were purchased.

Collecting albums (75.9%) was the most common reason for purchasing albums (duplicate responses), but many consumers also answered that they were applying for events (25.4%), followed by collecting goods (52.7%). One hundred two consumers who purchased albums for the event purchased an average of 6.7 copies and, in some cases, up to 80 documents.

As a result of a survey (overlapping responses) of 500 consumers with experience in paid K-pop fandom activities, it was found that they purchased products such as albums (78.9%), photo cards (55.6%), and cheering tools (43.4%) an average of 4.7 times a year. As for the average purchase amount, 27.6% said ‘more than 50,000 won to less than 100,000 won’, but 2.8% responded that they spent more than 1 million won.

As a result of checking 50 albums with high sales, the albums were released as 128 products according to detailed specifications such as photo books and cases. The average number of exact specifications per album was 2.6.

96.9% of the albums surveyed provided random photo cards. In the case of albums that give the most types of photo cards, there were as many as 78 of them. There were six random photocards in one album, so 13 albums had to be purchased to collect all types of photo cards.

67.8% of respondents said the excessive purchase of albums has a negative impact on the environment. The Korea Consumer Agency pointed out that it is necessary to expand the release of digital records to eliminate the act of purchasing and discarding unnecessary CDs in large quantities to collect goods. Only 11 (22%) of the albums surveyed contained digital specifications without a CD.

Based on the results of this investigation, the Korea Consumer Agency plans to recommend separate sales of goods and albums to businesses and the release of albums in consideration of environmental protection.

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