Gaya Girlband K-Pop Tampil ala Boyband, (G)I-DLE Bawakan Fake Love BTS

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Jakarta -It’s always fun to see the action of K-Pop girl groups dancing to popular songs from boy bands. They seem to have succeeded in trying out energetic movements and are no less fantastic than the original boyband appearance.

Sexy and passionate movements are tested with full charisma by these girl groups. Here are a series of appearances from K-Pop girl groups who performed boyband songs. Some of them also gave new colors to the songs they performed.

  1. (G)I-DLE: Fake Love – BTS

Fake Love is known as one of the BTS songs whose choreography is quite tricky to perform. But (G)I-DLE quickly performed this song in their style on the 2018 M Countdown stage.

The song Fake Love, which is thick with dark nuances, immediately changed when the (G)I-DLE members performed this song with a soft voice and had a sweeter impression than the version sung by BTS.

  1. TWICE: ADTOY – 2 PM

What would happen if 2PM’s ADTOY song, known for its sexy moves, was performed by TWICE? TWICE still amazes us with their style with their dance, which is also no less sexy than 2 PM when they cover ADTOY’s song.

They completely covered this song exactly as shown in ADTOY’s music video, complete with one of its iconic moves.

  1. IZ*ONE: Energetic – Wanna One

At the 2018 MAMA Premiere in Korea stage, IZONE managed to steal attention when covering Wanna One’s Energetic song. In totality, IZONE even used a shirt and trousers to make their choreography easier at that time. IZ * ONE’s appearance was praised and appreciated directly by Wanna One.

  1. WJSN: Love Shot – EXO

One of EXO’s songs, Love Shot, is a song that K-Pop idols often cover because of their unique dance moves, including WJSN. They once performed this song on the Lululala Music stage in 2019.

WJSN’s action at that time also stole the attention of fans because they were considered capable of bringing the song Love Shot in their style but still highlighting the sexy image of this song.

  1. DREAMCATCHER : Bang Bang Bang – BIGBANG

DREAMCATCHER is known for its dark concept songs. This was an advantage for Jiu Cs when they performed the song Bang Bang Bang at the 2018 Jeju Hallyu Festival.

From clothes, choreography to vocals, DREAMCATCHER managed to bring BIGBANG’s hits with their badass performance. They even added their version of rap lyrics when they performed this song.

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