Joining NC Universe ‘Ive’ Planet open on the 20th

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Girl group ‘IVE’ will join the global fandom platform Universe.

NCsoft announced on the 13th that it would open a new 6-member girl group Ive Planet on the K-pop fandom platform Universe on the 20th.

Ive plans to continue real-time communication with fans worldwide through FNS (Fan Network Service) and private messages on Planet, a space for each artist in the Universe. In addition, they plan to participate in various universe original contents and online and offline fan events.

Ive, a rookie girl group that just debuted, has received global attention even before their debut and has been a promising K-pop star. The first debut single, ‘ELEVEN,’ released on the 1st, recorded 152,229 copies in the Initial Chodong (album sales in one week as of the release date).

Currently, 31 artists are active in Universe, including Daniel Kang, Ghost Nine, Eunbi Kwon, and The Boyz.

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