Global K-Pop fandom platform ‘Pocket Dolls’ to hold the MustBⅩVANNER concert in the US.

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Music will hold an American concert with the global K-pop fandom platform ‘Pocket Dolls’.

‘Naturally, Music’, which produces and broadcasts an online professional music broadcast ‘K STAGE UNTACT CONCERT’ that informs K-pop rookie idols to the world, is partnering with the global K-pop fandom platform ‘Pocket Dolls Co., Ltd. (CEO Jae-Kyung Eo)’ holding the ‘Pocket Friends Tour in LA’.

From 2020, the stage of K-pop rookies will be broadcast live through non-face-to-face online music broadcasts, and ‘K-Stage Untact Concert’, which has been established as a program like Danbi for fans around the world who is thirsty for K-pop in the era of Corona, has been running for over two years. As a high-quality broadcast, it has established itself as a new music broadcast centred on the web and app and has been well received by artists and broadcasters. In addition, it is receiving fans’ expectations and support for the public broadcast starting on March 22nd.

In particular, from this year, as the leading producer of the program, ‘Pocket Dolls’, a global K-pop fandom app, has prepared an upgraded step. The first is ‘Pocket’, where VANNER and MustB will perform solo. Friends Tour in LA’ is an American concert.

Starting with Los Angeles on April 16th and 17th, they will present great K-pop performances to local fans in three cities, beginning in New York in June and Boston in August. You can enjoy a variety of information and content in the Pocket Dolls app.

In addition, through the concert tour, we plan to make it possible to purchase official goods for webtoon characters and artists.

An official from the ‘Pocket Friends Tour in LA’ concert in Los Angeles, USA, said, ‘Naturally Music’, which has produced high-quality broadcasts and performances for over two years, is being conducted and ‘Pocket Dolls’ has grown into a global K-pop fandom platform. It will be an excellent performance that will satisfy both Los Angeles K-pop fans who come to the concert and fans around the world who will be watching online with ‘.

Starting with this US tour, Naturally Music and Pocket Dolls are planning a worldwide time in the future.

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