Korean K-pop ‘Dream Concert’ is back!

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The ‘Dream Concert’, which K-pop fans worldwide are passionate about, is back.

The Korea Entertainment Producers Association (Chairman Baek-Woon Lim) announced on April 25 that the 28th ‘2022 Dream Concert’ would be held in Seoul on Saturday, June 18.

This ‘Dream Concert’, hosted by the Korea Entertainment Producers Association, is the most extensive K-pop performance in Korean history, performed from 1995 to 2021 with the best singers and other splendid musicians. The past is deep enough to celebrate the 28th anniversary this year.

As 2020 and 2021 were inevitably held as on-contact (non-face-to-face) performances due to the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, the news of the ‘Dream Concert’ returning offline after a long time was heard by not only domestic K-pop fans but also global fans. Their passionate interest and love are expected to continue.

Lim Baek-woon, president of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association, who planned this event, said, “It is meaningful and lasting longer than ever to K-pop fans around the world who have been waiting for the ‘Dream Concert’ for a long time by energizing the Korean performance industry that has been shrunk. I will do my best to prepare to give you emotions and memories.”

‘Dream Concert’ has been raising its dignity and level every year with the active cooperation and participation of member companies of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association and their entertainers. With a colourful artist lineup and cutting-edge directing, it has established itself as a ‘national concert’. Still, it has also established itself as a representative cultural festival of Korea, a ‘music powerhouse’ that provides overwhelming emotions and memories to overseas fans. In particular, to maintain quarantine, health and safety and order in this concert, we plan to frequently check the quarantine and safety conditions inside and outside the concert hall and significantly increase the number of guards, safety and guide personnel. We plan to conduct emergency preparedness training to prevent accidents thoroughly.

This ‘2022 Dream Concert’ is co-hosted by the Korea Entertainment Producers Association and the Korea Tourism Organization, sponsored by Hyundai Oilbank, and primarily funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. In addition, the World K-Pop Center and K-pop Supporters are each sponsored. The Korea Entertainment Producers Association expects that this event will succeed as a K-pop festival and contribute to revitalizing tourism in Korea.

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