World K-Pop Center/Import Association opens Global K-Culture Festa.

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The World K-Pop Center announced on the 21st that it would hold the ‘Global K-Culture Seoul Festa with Foreign Ambassadors to Korea’ jointly with the Korea Importers Association at the Glass Hall of the World K-Pop Center in Seoul at 5:00 pm on the 23rd.

This event invites foreign ambassadors to Korea from 70 countries worldwide, their families, and officials to showcase K-pop performances and exchanges. It was prepared to promote the 2030 Busan Expo and wish for the development of Korea’s cultural industry.

The event will also feature celebratory performances by girl group Tri-B and singer Ilmin, who appeared in ‘Mr.

The World K-Pop Center said, “The children of ambassadors from countries such as Turkiye, Belarus, and Turkmenistan, who received K-pop training at the World K-pop Center every week, are preparing for a special K-pop stage.” The particular stage of children from different countries united through K-pop will add significant meaning.”

The World K-Pop Center is a K-Pop educational institution and also conducts girl group auditions called ‘Click the Star.’

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