‘Going to a fan signing event without makeup VS without washing hair.’ A battle between Lucy Shin Kwang-il’s favorite fan and ATEEZ Yunho’s favorite fan

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We played the 16th episode of ‘K-POP Balance Game,’ a balance game related to K-POP idols.

The topic this time was ‘going without makeup vs. without washing hair’ when going to a fan signing event.

If you have to go to your favorite idol’s fan signing event and choose between the two, which is the better choice?

In the 16th episode of ‘K-Pop Balance Game,’ Lucy’s Shin Kwang-il’s favorite Walwali (Lucy’s fandom name) and ATEEZ’s Yunho’s favorite ATINY (ATEEZ’s fandom name) faced off.

Meet the 16th episode of the K-pop balance game with extreme options on the theme of idols.

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