Golden Child, ‘Second Regular Album’ on iTunes Top 5 charts in 11 overseas countries

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Golden Child’s 2nd full-length album is getting a good response from domestic and foreign fans.

Golden Child’s 2nd full-length album ‘GAME CHANGER’, released on various music sites on the 2nd, achieved incredible domestic and overseas music and album charts. Immediately after the release of the sound source, all the songs of ‘Game Changer’ except the intro song from Bugs in Korea were charted and attracted attention.

The reaction from overseas charts beyond the domestic market is also unfavorable. ‘Game Changer’ was ranked No. 1 in Turkey, No. 2 in Israel and Thailand, No. 3 in Australia, Singapore, USA, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, No. 5 in Hong Kong and Canada on the iTunes Top K-Pop Album Chart on the 3rd, in 11 countries in total. And ranked in the top 5 in the region, adequately demonstrating its solid global popularity.

Not only that, it dominated the top 10 in six countries and regions, including No. 1 in Turkey and No. 3 in Israel and Thailand on the iTunes Top Albums Chart, and the title song ‘Ra Pam Pam’ was ranked No. 1 on iTunes Top Song in Mongolia. vomited

Golden Child’s 2nd full-length album ‘Game Changer’ refers to an important person or event that can completely change the outcome or flow of a certain event. As the album name suggests, Golden Child has made a global hit as a ‘game changer’ that will overturn the K-pop landscape. In particular, a total of 11 songs in various genres, including unit songs and solo songs, are recorded so that you can check the music spectrum of Golden Child’s ‘Infinite Expansion.’

Taking the title from the onomatopoeia that expresses the sound of the heart beating, ‘Rafam Farm’ sings the heartbreaking will toward hope in a tense and chaotic situation. Golden Child’s unique Moombahton song, which breaks away from the mechanical dance genre, mainly features brass instruments, flutes, and percussion sounds unique to acoustic South American music, showing the standard of restrained intensity.

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