‘K-Pop Super Live Concert’ forced through heavy rain ‘Han Hyukseung’s photo talk’

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In Seoul, where a water bomb fell for the first time in 115 years, the opening performance of SEOUL FESTA 2022 ‘K-POP SUPER LIVE’ will be held as scheduled at the Olympic Main Stadium in Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul on the 10th. , Hosted by: Seoul Tourism Organization, Hosted by: KBS Korea Broadcasting, Sponsored by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

KBS announced that the opening performance will be held without any change through an official press release on August 9th. It was judged that it was unreasonable and said that it was scheduled to be recorded from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm on Friday, August 12th. He added that he would like to inform that all safety measures will be taken during the performance. This concert is free for those aged 15 and over, and can be exchanged for a ticket on the spot after making a reservation in advance.

Heavy rain warnings and heavy rain advisory are issued from time to time in Seoul, and the concert will be held even though 350mm of rain is predicted in the central region until the 11th. Due to the installation of the track for the ‘Seoul E-Free 2022’ automobile competition that runs through Jamsil Main Stadium in Seoul, parking itself is impossible at Jamsil Sports Complex. Therefore, the nearby Tancheon parking lot was scheduled to be used as the event parking lot, but the Tancheon parking lot was flooded due to heavy rain.

In Gangnam on the 8th, due to an accident where the manhole cover on the road was opened due to the backflow of water, two people passing by were sucked in and disappeared. An additional 350mm of heavy rain is scheduled until the 11th (as of 20:00 on August 9). If it rains again, the safety of the artist cannot be guaranteed. This is because the performance itself in the heavy rain is dangerous, and one of the characteristics of this heavy rain is lightning. How to ensure safety in case of falling lightning?

The KBS Disaster Broadcasting Center broadcasts daily to prepare for disasters in a safe place by notifying how to deal with disaster situations such as heavy rain warnings and heavy rain warnings and real-time weather warnings. On the other hand, the opening performance of the ‘Seoul Festa 2022’ hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which announces the beginning of the resumption of tourism in Seoul, will be held with the audience entering the concert.

As of the 9th, the heavy rain that fell in the central region caused 9 deaths and 6 missings, and 391 people were displaced in the Gyeonggi area of ​​Seoul.

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