K-pop artisans ‘invited’ as professors at Kyungil University.

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K-pop artisans gather at Kyungil University.

While K-Pop such as BTS and Black Pink recently dominated the US Billboard chart, top K-pop composers and dancers decided to participate as faculty members at Kyungil University, which declared an active investment in popular culture education.

Kyungil University established the Faculty of K-Culture Entertainment, which teaches Hallyu (Korean Wave) in earnest, and appointed Jang Yong-jin, who wrote and composed the original Hallyu star HOT’s ‘Happiness’ ‘Candy,’ as a full-time professor from next year. On the 13th, it was announced that Kim Hyun-teuk and Shin Jae-hak (active name: K-Man), who won the championship in succession, will be invited as adjunct professors.

Professor Jang established himself as a star composer by making mega-hits in succession such as UP’s ‘Puyo Puyo’ and ‘Sea,’ Taesaja’s ‘Do,’ Choi Jangmin’s ‘Chan,’ and Sajun’s ‘Memories.’ He once worked as a singer himself, and ‘Lupin’ and ‘Dongja’ are idol groups.

More than half of the hit songs of the time in the popular drama ‘Reply 1997’ were written or composed by Professor Jang, and in line with the recent retro craze, it is emerging as the No.

He was offered a large sum of money overseas, including in China, and was delivered new song production and idol development. Still, he refused to participate in the Kyungil University faculty.

Professor Jang is also working as a music director in movies such as ‘Great Actor,’ ‘God’s Hand,’ and ‘Silent,’ expanding his field. He said, “I have responded to Gyeongildae’s proposal not to invest in education for the continued growth of Hallyu.”

Breakdance, known to the public as street dancing, is an official sport of the 2022 Asian Games and the 224 Paris Olympics. It is good news that star-class dancers join the faculty as well. The

Kim Hyun-teuk-Shin Jae-hak division is the representative dancer of Korea. Kim Hyun-teuk and Shin Jae-hak adjunct professors, who have already won numerous world street dance competitions, are dance directing famous singers. also known as

In the case of Professor Kim Hyun-teuk, starting with the legendary hip-hop duo ‘Deuce,’ he created stages such as Untitled, Park Jin-young, Jewelry, Gaby NJ, Coyote, Park Chae-Yeon, and Jang Yoon-Jung. He was also in charge of choreography training in commercial advertisements for Kim Yuna and Hallyu star Lee Junki.

Professor Shin Jae-hak, famous for K-Man, has won numerous international dance competitions. It is impossible to list all the world championships that Professor Shin and Professor Shin’s team won, and is the best dancer with a glorious history. He worked as a choreographer and dancer in ‘Hit the Stage’ of Mnet, a music cable station.

Professor Kim and Professor Shin said, “Even though it is a relatively isolated region, we will make sure that our students receive the best education. We will do our best so that the dancers participating in the Olympics can come out of Gyeongil University.”

The Faculty of K-Culture Entertainment at Kyungil University plans to select new students by dividing them into entertainment majors and OTT/movie/drama majors from 2022.

A large-scale practice center was established in the metropolitan area near Gangnam, Seoul, to provide on-site training for two years from the third year and prepare a curriculum to enable employment in various content industries.

Recently, Kyungil University drew attention by inviting Hallyu star Cha In-Pyo to the acting department as a full professor.

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