The ‘Phantom Singer’ continues even outside the stage

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Never before has the voice of a singer been so loved. Even outside of TV, he is a ‘phantom singer.’ Through the contest program ‘Phantom Singer’ (JTBC), which brought talented singers to the surface, the voices that have been noticed are filling the stage.

‘The Phantom Singer 3’ was a treasure trove of stars. The main characters who played an active part in Season 3 become the main characters of this fall’s classic stage.

Andante, a crossover group that met three people who drew attention even though they didn’t make it to the final top 3 in ‘Phantom Singer 3’, goes on a world tour for a song concert (Busan Cultural Center Chamber Hall on the 12th). Andante, composed of bassist Bon-su Koo, baritone Dong-young Ahn, and tenor Seo-Joon Yoon, took their first steps last year with the musical direction of walking together slowly, slowly, and for a long time. In this concert, famous songs from all over the world, including Germany, Italy, France, and the United States, will be performed not only in Korea. The agency WeClassic pointed out, “This concert is a healing concert that comforts the body and mind exhausted from COVID-19.” Gong Hee-sang, an authentic German lit pianist, will accompany the performance.

Andante released her first mini-album. ‘No.1 The Korea Crossover’ in November of last year, and the title song ‘Secret Garden’ took first place on the music platform ‘Genie’ classical chart, making her debut. At the same time, it has shown remarkable results. In June, their first solo concert demonstrated a broad musical spectrum by presenting a music repertoire that encompasses genres such as classical music, crossover, movie music, popular music, and pop.

Forestella (Hyeong-Ho Kang, Woo-Rim Ko, Doo-Hoon Bae, Min-Kyu Cho), who continues to be the most active group as the winning team in Season 2 of ‘Phantom Singer,’ finished the national tour with an encore performance (18-19, Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul). Do.

Forestella was formed with the meaning of a star above the forest’, and since the release of their 1st album, ‘Evolution,’ in 2018, they have been actively engaged in music activities. After releasing their 2nd album ‘Mystic’ in 2019, and their 3rd album ‘The Forestella’ in April, they achieved a platinum album in a month, continuing their most prominent activities among the crossover groups from ‘Phantom Singer.’ This encore performance is the end of the nationwide tour that has been going on since last June to commemorate the release of the 3rd album.

In season 3 of ‘The Phantom Singer,’ which was popular every time, Jonno was called by the nickname ‘genius tenor,’ and fans meet with

The performance consisted of songs from the album. With opera arias and songs, it will show a kind of ‘musical chronicle’ that spans from baroque music to modern songs.

In the first part of the recital, the repertoire of Handel’s oratorio and Mozart and Donizetti’s opera arias is told. Baritone Kim Ho-Seok, a member of Miraclasse, who took runner-up in Season 2 of ‘The Phantom Singer,’ will also appear with Donizetti’s opera ‘The Elixir of Love’ aria. It is a stage where you can expect the beautiful harmony of the beautiful male duet.

In the second part, several songs by Francesco Paolo Tosti and Richard Strauss show the delicate and refined musicality of tenor John Norman. In particular, through the songs of Korean composers Lee Su-in and Kim Hyo-Geun, the depth of beautiful Korean songs is also heard. The performance was performed by the Ditto Orchestra conducted by Lee Byung-Wook.

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