Idol Radio Season 2, space-spraying and heart-sprinkling ‘K-pop space pirates’ Everglow occupy ‘Idol Radio’!

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Everglow, who has released a new song ‘Pirate’ and is leading the global K-pop craze, is on an unrivaled voyage, appeared yesterday (21st) to conquer ‘Idol Radio.’

Everglow, who showed the charismatic charm of a space pirate from the start, selected members ‘Sihyun’ and ‘Mia’ as Epgle’s pirate king and showed off the famous pirate line ‘You, be my companion,’ showing sincerity in the concept of space pirates. showed

On this day, Everglow presented a live stage and medley dance of Orange Caramel’s ‘Magical Girl,’ a treasure prepared for fans. In addition, we had time to inform special DJ Ha Seong-woon of ‘MZ Generation’s Cheekbang Dance,’ which is the point of the new song.

On this day, the steamed TMI left by the manager who was always by the side of Everglow was released. Once again, we were able to confirm the extraordinary teamwork of Everglow and the colorful charms of the six members. During the treasure hunt prepared for Everglow, ‘Asha”s ‘aegyo kissing’ and the ‘inspirational letter’ written by leader ‘Sihyun’ directly to the members were released, boasting a warm atmosphere throughout.

The K-pop space pirate Everglow’s ‘Idol Radio Season 2 – Everglow’ episode, which shoots down space fans, can be seen as a replay and a highlight on the NC Universe app at 12:00 noon on the 22nd.

Meanwhile, ‘Idol Radio Season 2’ is broadcast through MBC Radio and MBC FM4U. It is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 2 am on MBC Radio (Seoul and Gyeonggi region 95.9 MHz). Every Saturday and Sunday at midnight on MBC FM4U (Seoul and Gyeonggi region 91.9 MHz). NC) will be broadcast live exclusively through the Universe app.

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