World K-Pop Center signed a business agreement with Zembros, a famous fine jewelry store

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The World K-Pop Center announced on the 15th that it had signed a business agreement for cooperation to develop the fine jewelry company Zembros.

The signing ceremony was attended by the World K-Pop Center (CEO Park Seong-jin), Gembross (Vice President Hong Tae-hoon), and officials. The two organizations said they decided to work together for mutual development by forming a business alliance such as mutual publicity and marketing through joint event planning, wedding package product composition, wedding-related work through discount benefits, and operation of the Gembrose Lounge. This agreement has excellent significance regarding Gembros’s entry into the global K-pop market.

In particular, the ‘Silver Bracelet Project,’ one of these business agreements, is a project carried out in conjunction with Thanks Giving, a shopping mall specializing in social contribution, and Members, and can be seen at the future events held by the World K-Pop Center. The ‘Donation Silver Bracelet’ contains the message of peace, harmony, and harmony by engraving the ‘T’ of Thanks Giving and the ‘G’ of Gembros as silver initials. They were donated to the underprivileged. The ‘Donation Silver Bracelet’ will be sold at the Zembros Shopping Mall and Thanksgiving Shopping Mall in the future.

The World K-Pop Center was established to nurture and distribute K-Hallyu experts. It is a place to nurture stars and professional trainers who will lead the globalization of Hallyu. Everything from discovering potential artists to nurturing global artists is possible here. Audition booth (hereafter genie casting) to discover artists, practice room for training, recording studio and shooting studio necessary for content production, outdoor concert hall, and gallery where you can directly experience the produced K-content, all facilities for this are provided.

In addition, the World K-Pop Center introduced the CREST72 wedding showcase on December 16 last year, signaling a different start as a wedding business organization. Crest72 consists of a wedding with the concept of eco-friendly greenery in the city center, and you can also enjoy an outdoor wedding at Crest72 Botanic Garden.

Meanwhile, on the 15th, at ‘Welcome K-Pop Click (WELCOME K-POP CLICK)’ hosted and supervised by the World K-Pop Center on the 15th, Gembros visited the World K-Pop Center by sponsoring and presenting various premium jewelry collections, including natural three-part diamonds. It aroused the hot interest and participation of the global K-pop fandom.

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