ONF’s ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ topped the UK Dazed’s ‘Best K-Pop Track of the Year’

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Group ONF’s ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ topped the ‘2021 Best K-Pop Track’.

According to the article ‘The best K-pop tracks of 2021’ published on the official website of the famous British magazine DAZED on the 20th (local time), ONF was released in February. ‘Beautiful Beautiful,’ the title track of their first full-length album ‘ONF: MY NAME,’ was selected as No.

Dazed said of ‘Beautiful Beautiful,’ “Between the dystopian city in the music video and punk-influenced dance-pop, ‘Be yourself in a world that tries to make you your own, and love yourself.’ contains a message that touches the heart,” he introduced.

Dazed said, “I enjoy the emotional and rebellious power of this message, and the thrill of the chorus makes my heart race.” “When all the elements, including strings, guitar riffs, and ad-libs, go towards the climax of ‘Beautiful Beautiful,’ the a cappella begins. And he goes back to winning the outro again.” In addition, he praised it, saying, “It is a cry of vitality without fault,” and “It is bold.”

‘Beautiful Beautiful’ is a song with a positive message that ‘All my life is an art, and I am more beautiful than anyone else.’ Not only that, it ranked 2nd in overall sales for that week in New York, USA, topped the iTunes Top K-Pop Songs chart in the US. The album also ranked in the top 10 in 7 countries and regions, including 1st in 2 countries on the iTunes Top Albums chart, and showed off an even more substantial global ripple effect.

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