Genie Music’s high-quality original audio content, ‘K-Pop Expedition,’ enjoys popularity with top girl groups New Jeans, Girls’ Generation, Chungha, and Espa.

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Genie Music (CEO Park Hyun-jin) opened the original audio content ‘K-Pop Expedition’ for netizens who want to enjoy K-Pop fully.

‘K-Pop Expedition’ was created by the collaboration of music critics Kim Yun-ha and Kim Young-Dae, and freelance editor Seo Hae-in. The ‘K-Pop Expedition’ is held every other week with the ‘Quick Call Concert’ and ‘K-Pop Characters Playlist’ corner.

The so-called K-pop critics Kim Yun-ha and Kim Young-Dae, as well as editor Seo Hae-in, who started doing good things from the first generation of idols, and K-pop music together, ‘K-Pop Expedition’ is getting more and more fans as the number of times it airs increases.

‘K-Pop Expedition’ analyzed the reasons for the recent success of the girl group New Jeans in the ‘Single Call Music Society’ corner. Music critics Kim Yun-ha and Kim Young-Dae, investigative agents of ‘K-Pop Expedition,’ explore New Jeans’ charms in every way by examining New Jeans’ debut album ‘NewJeans 1st EP ‘New Jeans’ at ‘Call Music Society.’ In addition, the New Jeans signed CD event held at the Music Hall would also be held. The event is open until September 14th.

‘Call Music Society’ intensively explores the albums released by the best K-pop artists, including BTS, Seventeen, Espa, Chungha, Girls’ Generation, and New Jeans. In addition, the ‘Sequential Call Concert’ has a UI configured so that you can continuously enjoy the sound sources covered in the audio content. This is so fans can conveniently enjoy the artist’s music through playlists in the audio content area.

Another corner of the ‘K-Pop Expedition,’ the ‘K-Pop Deceased Playlist,’ conducts a music playlist selection battle with the virtues of K-pop critic Yunha Kim and editor Haein Seo. ‘How far have you been with K-pop?’ ‘Gen Z without Gen Z Special! K-pop playlists by theme were released.

Genie Music Director Kim Jeong-Wook, New Biz, said, “The original audio content ‘K-Pop Expedition’ is a concept where you can open the albums of the best K-pop stars who moved the world one by one and enjoy the songs with netizens, so the number of users is steadily increasing. “To help netizens fill their curiosity about music with audio content, we are also producing and providing content for various music genres, including K-pop, hip-hop, jazz, and classical music.”

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