(G)I-DLE, the 5-member powering Ahcha Ranking 1st IU 3rd place

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The group (G)I-DLE ranked first in the idol chart Acha Ranking for the 2nd week of March.

(G)I-DLE ranked first in the idol chart released on the 26th in the 2nd week of March (22.3.14~22.3.20), with a total score of 7991, including 726 digital music scores, 6198 YouTube scores, and 827 social scores. did.

(G)I-DLE, with their first full-length album ‘I Never Die’, topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 24 regions worldwide, the K-Pop Album chart in 11 regions, and major online music sites in Korea. In Melon, Genie, Flo, Vibe, and Bugs, their names are on the top spot every day, and they are gaining popularity.

In addition, the music video for ‘TOMBOY’, released on the same day, exceeded 46.5 million views (as of the 24th), and immediately after its release, it ranked No.

Park Jae-beom took second place with a total score of 5839 points. Followed by IU (5030 points total), Taeyeon (4943 points total), Espa (4755 points total), Stay C (4577 points total), BTS (4136 points total), Lim Young-woong (3352 points total), TWICE (total points) 3345 points) and from 9 (total points 2836 points) were counted.

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